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Residential Garage Doors

Garage door issues are very troubling and can disrupt your daily activities and lead to loss of time and energy. We provide timely repair and maintenance services so that your garage doors continue to function properly without a hassle. Need to install new garage doors? No worries, United Garage Door Service can install sturdy and new steel garage doors to help you fortify your property from all kinds of modern security threats. We have been providing exceptional residential garage door services to the people of United Garage Door Service for over a decade and have built a reputation of being the most dependable garage door services company in the city. Our work ethic, professional demeanor, warm and friendly attitude, and quality service is the reason why we are par excellence and the number.1 choice of the people.... Click to read more

Commercial Garage Doors

It’s not easy to remain the most preferred garage door company for years and takes persistent efforts and exceptional quality on your part to remain at the top of the ladder. We have become the most sought-after commercial garage door service company in Salisbury, MA after serving the needs of hundreds of clients, industries, commercial offices, and more and providing quality solutions each time they place their faith in us. With our expertise and knowledge of industry standards, we are able to fulfill the diverse needs of our commercial clients and ensure that our services never fall short of the mark..... Click to read more

Garage Door Repair

Have you been ignoring a faulty garage door for a long time? When was the last time you had a complete maintenance and repair service done? Garage doors are prone to many issues like rust, depreciation of quality, lack of spring elasticity, etc. and these issues can pose a serious threat to you and your valuables, therefore it is important to have a professional garage door services company like United Garage Door Service by your side. Broken cables and springs or incorrect force settings are telltale signs of impending mishaps. We provide timely repair services to detect such issues and ensure that you don’t become a victim of such a fate..... Click to read more

Garage Door Spring Services

Springs are indispensable components in the smooth operation of a garage door. They are responsible for raising and lowering the door. Springs being the weight bearing components in the door, if broken can become a threat to life and property. And that is why, you need to call the experts in to have a look at your garage door springs and tighten, repair or replace them as necessary..... Click to read more

Garage Door Openers

Manual opening of garage doors has almost become unheard of in the present era. Modern technology has transformed its basic operation and has made it much smoother and easier. With the arrival of remote controlled tech, motion-sensors and other high-end technology, automated garage door openers are catching up with the Salisbury, MA community, making the task of opening and closing doors quicker and protection of valuables easier. However, despite the technological advancement, even the most robust system cannot be foolproof from an occasional failure. This is why you need United Garage Door Service to get your garage door openers fixed or replaced with new ones..... Click to read more

Custom Garage Doors

Garage doors are different from most other doors because they are situated in a very prominent location of your house. Apart from protecting your valuables and property, these doors can also add an aesthetic value to your frontal area to give off a good visual appeal. United Garage Door Service designs custom garage doors to suit your preferences and help you add a personal finishing touch to your beautiful house...... Click to read more

Overhead Garage Door

Overhead sectional garage doors are ideal for homes or offices with space issues and are very popular among people due to their simple and effective functionality. These doors differ from other garage doors in a few ways, for instance, they don’t require a wide clearance in front of them. These doors include several sections that can be rolled up vertically on tracks that lead up to the ceiling. United Garage Door Service offer a range of affordable overhead garage doors to choose from and provide repair and maintenance services on a routine basis..... Click to read more

Garage Door Installation

Imagine buying a brand new car and realizing that your garage is not safe enough to protect it due to a sudden spring dysfunction. Not an ideal situation, is it? Garage doors are very crucial to safeguard your precious valuables, therefore, it becomes imperative to choose the right garage doors that last long and continue to function properly with minimal maintenance. United Garage Door Service’s team of experts have installed many garage doors in Salisbury, MA and offer only the best quality doors to protect your important assets...... Click to read more

Garage Doors

Daily use of a garage door often takes a toll on its components and it may gradually start showing signs of wear. It’s essential to have a good garage door services firm by your side to ensure the healthy operation of your door. We provide routine garage door maintenance services and also install custom garage doors that are able to hold up against harsh weather and overuse. A United Garage Door Service garage door is built with the finest materials, is highly durable and has the elegant looks to compliment your house...... Click to read more